December 5, 2008

Freak Allergy Attacks and a Solution

My family and friends can attest to the first part of that title. I will have these amazingly involved freak allergy attacks and, usually, when I'm without tissues or access to tissues. This has happened on numerous occasions and, maybe I'm a freak, but I find it terribly embarrassing. I'm always hoping, "Please let me get to tissues, napkins, paper towels, burlap cloth...I don't care...before my nose starts running all over my face like a 2-year old." (You probably didn't need those graphic details but I feel like it proves my point all the more.) So, any logical person would ask why I don't just keep tissues in my purse. At to that I say, maybe I really am a freak.

I hate carrying loose tissues in my purse because they get all threadbare from rubbing against the sides of my bag or whatever else happens to be in my bag. And I hate, hate, hate those travel packs of tissues. There are about 10 tissues in a pack which I could go through in 5 minutes of my allergy attack. And after sealing the pack about two times, the adhesive wears off and then I'm stuck with threadbare tissues again. Yeah, I know, the problems I have! :)

Enter The Solution.

I made this little guy the other night. I didn't plan on making him look like a face but, alas, he does and it's actually pretty cute. The tissues are encased in a fabric pouch and they can't escape because of the construction. The two flaps overlap and it's a pretty tight fit so there's no chance of the tissues peeking their way out (I pulled them out in the photo above to make him look extra silly). And...the fabric and buttons match the tote bag I posted about earlier. Bonus!!

I was really happy with how it turned out so I made a few more to try to sell on Etsy as stocking stuffers.

They're more pretty than silly this time around. I love how the one with lace turned out! The other two are pretty plain but I like the button embellishments with the black (a fabric covered button I made with the same fabric I used to make the one with lace and another with a pearlized, flowery button).

Yay for pretty solutions!