November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Payback

I signed on to my blog with intentions of posting today and thought, "Hey! I wonder who else has posted today." I saw about 6 or 7 posts from some blogs that I frequent regularly and almost started catching up. But there will be NO DISTRACTIONS! ...At least until I'm done my post.

I made pumpkin pie yesterday. Well, TWO pumpkin pies, actually. I wanted to make one for our neighbors across the street because, bless their hearts, the husband always mows our front lawn for us. And here's the thing...we really want to take care of our property-- we want it to look nice. I swear! However, my husband won't let me use our lawn mower (he says it's his job as the husband and he's also afraid I might chop my hands off...yeah right!) so I can't do it during the days I'm working later because I want to be obedient to my promise that I won't use it. And when he has time to do it on the weekends, it's usually raining. So, our neighbor has taken it upon his generous self to do it, seriously, like 4 times in the past 2 or 3 months. And even though a homemade pumpkin pie isn't enough in terms of "payback," I figured it was pretty good since pumpkin pie is the best. So, while I was making theirs, I made one for Stephen and I. How could I not?

Don't you just love the texture of sugar? So sweet and tiny and grainy. (And please excuse the horrendous photos...I have THE. WORST. lighting in my kitchen. No daylight reaches this place...which is actually very sad to me because the kitchen is always where I want the most natural light in the house. But that's for another post.)


I love, love, love that burnt orange shade the pumpkin mixture gets when the spices and pumpkin are combined.


However, I also love that creamy shade the mixture gets when you add the evaporated milk.

And as you can see, I couldn't even wait long enough to take a picture of that pie in its perfect state. I just HAD to cut into that bad boy. And immediately following this picture, I cut another slice.

What are you baking these days?  :)