March 1, 2009

It's a little blurry and very grainy but taking photos with a flash while it's snowing wasn't faring too well. We've had one really good snow this winter (for New Jersey standards) and it looks like tonight will provide another before the Spring. Six to ten inches, they say! I love sitting in the house, watching the snow accumulate out the window, wondering if the morning will bring call outs from work and snowed in fun. I'm hoping! (Despite the fact that I'm out of work at the moment but I would love to have my hubby home for the day to relax, drink some hot chocolate, and play games.) I made a trip to the local grocery store to stock up on snowed in snacks and beverages and the family that lives on the corner of our street has already started on their snowman. So cute!

I love the quietness of snow. It's almost as if all sound gets absorbed into the tiny flakes and the only thing you can hear is the soft, bell-like tinkling of the snow as it floats to the ground. It's so calming.